Bad Smell or Odor from AC

We had a bad smell or odor coming from the car AC. After a quick web search, we noticed it's often caused by fungal over-growth on the evaporator. The evaporator stays moist following turning the car off without lowering the AC or turning AC button … we also learned a few tricks.

  • Use Lysol and AC on when you're not in the car to kill the fungi … Lysol can damage your dashboard, so be careful. Just spray in the cabin and let the AC circulate it for a few min (10 min should be enough).
  • When going through car wash, don't use AC with non-recycled air (air coming from outside)
  • Turn AC button to OFF and fan on high for few min prior to turning car off. If you don't have AC button, turn fan to low for few min before turning car off.
  • Pay a lot of money to a mechanic to dismantle the evaporator and clean the whole system.