Computer Disaster Recovery

Live CD Recovery Tools

You can use either to recover any computer (Win, Linux, Mac) if you know what you're doing.

Some Useful sites

Virtual Emulator

You can get a disk image, turn it into a virtual disk and do work on that to ensure what you wish to do will work. Remember to image the WHOLE/ENTIRE disk, not just the partition. You need a big external disk for this.

First use a unix tool (search for dd, dd_rescue, ddrescue. “ddrescue” is the best and fastest to use. WinDD is the windows version of dd) to grab the raw image of the entire (not just a partition) disk image . Then convert the raw image created to vdi format

Create your own version of windows

Win 7 from USB

Just mount the iso using a FREE CD emulation or virtual CD/DVD software, and run with it. You must be in the same type (32 bit or 64 bit) of OS to be able to run it or to be able to upgrade from Vista. All files are copied to the drive and once reboot, there is no need for the CD.

If you want to boot from an external drive, best guides include use of DiskPart.exe to set it as an active partition (It's usually not necessary to make it bootable by using Vita's \boot\bootsect.exe because the CD/DVD already has bootmgr on it, but you can do it as a back up to ensure things will be flawless).

For win XP:

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