osCommerce Related

This page contains osCommerce related stuff. These may apply to offshoots of osCommerce such as:

  • osCMax developed by AABOX hosting. It includes many popular contributions.
  • Zend-Cart developed by vendors/programmers who wish to do it a bit differently.
  • CRE Loaded developed by Chain Reaction hosting. It includes many popular contributions, and has several different versions which you have to pay a nominal fee (~10 to few hundred dollars) to download.
  • … edit this page and add yours :-P

The current goals are:

  1. Restructure the package organization as follows:
    1. Keep admin and catalog separate top level folders. This way you can upgrade or back up only one if needed.
    2. Move config.php to top level and try and keep one site-wide config … separate sections needed for catalog and admin. Currently, config is duplicated in both catalog/include and admin/include in most packages. Also, reduce redundancy in config file. Currently, there are numerous path redundancies.
    3. Develop an extension/module system so people don't have to hack the program code …. this can be very difficult and requires careful planning. May need to rewrite major portions of the program.