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 +====== osCommerce Related ======
 +This page contains osCommerce related stuff. ​ These may apply to offshoots of osCommerce such as:
 +  * [[http://​www.oscmax.com | osCMax]] developed by [[http://​aabox.com | AABOX hosting]]. ​ It includes many popular contributions.
 +  * [[http://​www.zend-cart.org | Zend-Cart]] developed by vendors/​programmers who wish to do it a bit differently.
 +  * [[http://​www.creloaded.com | CRE Loaded]] developed by [[http://​www.chainreactionweb.comn/​ | Chain Reaction hosting]]. ​ It includes many popular contributions,​ and has several different versions which you have to pay a nominal fee (~10 to few hundred dollars) to download.
 +  * ... edit this page and add yours :-P
 +===== Goals =====
 +The current goals are:
 +  - Restructure the package organization as follows:
 +    - Keep admin and catalog separate top level folders. ​ This way you can upgrade or back up only one if needed.
 +    - Move config.php to top level and try and keep one site-wide config ... separate sections needed for catalog and admin. ​ Currently, config is duplicated in both catalog/​include and admin/​include in most packages. Also, reduce redundancy in config file.  Currently, there are numerous path redundancies.
 +    - Develop an extension/​module system so people don't have to hack the program code .... this can be very difficult and requires careful planning. ​ May need to rewrite major portions of the program.