Calculate Age in Years

Calculate anyone's age without worrying about the Unix Epoch


Server Side Code
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Added by: mattnorniron
Entered: 02/06/2003
Last modified: 06/12/2002

/* I wrote this snippet to combat the limitations of the mktime function due to the beginning of the Unix Epoch. */
function calculate_age($birth_day, $birth_month, $birth_year) { 
     $datestamp = date("d.m.Y", mktime());
     $t_arr = explode("." , $datestamp);
     $current_day = $t_arr[0];
     $current_month = $t_arr[1];
     $current_year = $t_arr[2];
     $year_dif = $current_year - $birth_year;
     if(($birth_month > $current_month) || ($birth_month == $current_month && $current_day < $birth_day))
         $age = $year_dif - 1;
         $age = $year_dif;
     return $age;

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