PHP Variable & Function Scope

Nested functions can tell you a bit about how this works. It seems child functions are available to global scope after they have been seen once, but variables are unreachable. Classes work similar, interestingly child_functions are able to reach objects instantiated at global level (after global $object;), even if class declaration is inside parent function. Moral is to use classes to accomplish complicated tasks, and always instantiate at global level, then you can reach what you need when you need it.

//Nested function tests scope
$var1 = "This is \$var1 OUTSIDE parent function <br />";
function parent_function() {
    echo "Now inside parent <br />";
    $var1 = "This is \$var1 INSIDE parent function <br />";
    $var2 = "This is \$var2 INSIDE parent function <br />";
    class vegatable{
        var $color = "Green";
        var $forChild = "Hello Child";
    function child_function() {
        echo "now inside child <br />";
        //global $var1; //Calls var1 outside nectedFunct
        echo $var1; //doesn't work without global;
        // even if we comment out $var1 outside parent function.
        // global $var1 doesn't reach the one inside parent function.
        echo $var2; //doesn't work; Can't seem to reach parent variables.
        //We are able to reach callses in parent
        // $carrot = new vegatable(); //works,
        // without above new veg declaration, below doesn't work
        // eventhough child is called agains after new veg created.
        echo $carrot->color . "<br />"; //Outputs Green only when instantiated inside this function;s
        global $carrot;
        echo $carrot->forChild . "<br />"; //works only after carrot instantiated at global scope;
    echo "Now calling child<br />";
    //child_function();    //works
// child_function(); //causes fatal error: call to undefined function;
//$carrot = new vegatable();  //causes fatal error: call to undefined function;
parent_function();  //works;
child_function(); //Now works;
$carrot = new vegatable(); //Now works;
$carrot->color = "Orange";
echo $carrot->color . "<br />";    //Outputs Orange;
child_function(); //Outputs "Green" when carrot = new veg inside child, otherwise doesn't work;