The Ideal OS

Here are some notes about an ideal OS. Maybe some day someone will have enough time to tackle this daunting task.

  • Usable by everyone, even if they cannot read/write! Use of clearly descriptive icons.
  • Runs on nearly all hardware (specially notebooks/laptops)!
  • Easy print, scan, videoconference.
  1. Easy/simple file system structure.
  2. Fast and very simple GUI
  3. No complicated package manager. Applications and all configuration in own folder. Since today there is plenty storage available, some redundancy is better than conflicts or incompatibility. Little need for modifying the OS's dynamic link or shared libraries.
  4. Central software depository.
  5. Ability to run Win32/64 and MacOS software easily.
  6. Simple and fast web site and forum support. Knowledgeable one-on-one phone support with desktop sharing/control, which can be provided by community through chatrooms, forums, etc.
  7. One best way to do anything.
  8. 24hr or faster bug repair turn-around time.
            /bin (user specific binaries or applications)
       /hal (hardware abstraction layer & drivers)

Hidden links may be used to make system compatible with older systems.


  1. Automatic local and network printer/scanner/camera/device detection and setup.
  2. COOL/RARE FEATURE: Automatic registering to video-conferencing server & automatic codec selection and camera off on low bandwidth.
  3. COOL/RARE FEATURE: Simple notification to user regarding automatic discoveries with simple choices (option for advanced choices and easy help).


  • Menu shows up on mouse click on desktop (top/right/left panels & widgets optional).
  • COOL/RARE FEATURE: Unparalleled help system (links to web knowledgebase wiki, forum, help videoconference + desktop sharing, register to help another through videoconferencing and desktop sharing).
  • System Panel is last option of the menu and includes: video, sound, network, mouse/pad/touchscreen, date-time.
  • COOL/RARE FEATURE: Dimmed icons requiring superuser/root access. Upon selection, asks for root password.
  • COOL/RARE-UNIQUE FEATURE: Unusual activity warning on top center screen through slow unhide motion (network, disk, cpu, memory, heat). Setting may be changed by clicking on the warning-message or in System Panel.
  • COOL/RARE FEATURE: Bug report icon and automatic crash-report should be incorporated in every application (this should be done in a very simple manner and specifications – maybe industry-wide open-source standard if possible).