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 +====== win xp - spontaneous random network disconnection ======
 +This is probably due to IEEE authentication: ​
 +or 'zero config'​ service: ​
 +[[http://​www.math.uwaterloo.ca/​mfcf/​computing-environments/​wireless/​xp.html]] -- stopping and starting zero config service manually. Bad solution.
 +[[http://​aaiiee.wordpress.com/​2008/​09/​01/​periodic-lag-spikes-and-a-wireless-fixp-replacement/​]] -- automate above procedure? ​ Better solution. ​ Here is a batch file to place in your programs>​startup folder:
 +@echo off
 +net start "​Wireless Zero Configuration"​
 +ping -n 1 www.google.com
 +if errorlevel 1 goto retry
 +net stop "​Wireless Zero Configuration"​